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Insert the best depiction of a sarcastic person here cuz that's what I look like.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who heard the rumor about Jennifer Lawrence skinning a live squirrel in a movie she was in, in fact I'm probably last to know... Anyway. Yes, it's true she said, "Screw PETA!" lol But it is not true that the little guy was alive. THANKFULLY oh my gosh.

When I first heard about it, of course I researched le interwebs to see if it was all true. Skinning a dead animal? That I can deal with. But if it was alive... I had to know cuz I like this chick. And I was just like whoa... Even if I didn't like her, Not. Cool.

So anyway. Fastforward, I learn the little guy was sadly hit by a car before the shoot and so on a positive note, he didn't feel a thing. (except the car... ;_; but accidents happen.) I was happy with my discoveries, and so I was sharing these revelations with my siblings. Before I even finished, younger bro and sis were all like, "I don't understand. Are you a member of PETA?"


Are you freaking kidding me??

After what happened yesterday with Minni and those douchebags on the way home, I was thinking how happy I was that no one I knew was like them. Now the very next morning, I find out my own BROTHER & SISTER are perfectly fine with not just the antagonization of animals, but also the torture thereof. Their excuse? "It happens everyday." and "It's just a squirrel. It's not a big deal."

Umm. Pardon me a sec, but yes. Yes it is a big deal. I'm not about to turn vegetarian or get in line to pose nude to garner "awareness," but I'm not ok with people torturing innocent creatures for their own sick twisted pleasure. And not being ok with something like that does not make me radical; I'm normal. Most people detest the idea of animal cruelty. It's only a select few in our civilized world who have some far out misguided ideal that intentionally hurting creatures just because they're smaller and less intelligent than you is ok. And unfortunately, it only takes a few.
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If you're gonna make a public post attacking someone, don't act surprised when people other than your friends hop on, especially to defend said attacked person. Too often, internet bullying goes unchecked. The friends of the attacked person are too afraid to throw themselves in the ring for fear of receiving the same treatment. Sadly, I used to be one of those people... But one day I grew up and realized they're just words as long as I recognize them as such. To the freaks themselves... lol They think they have all the power in the world.

I read my friends' friends pages. I can't imagine I'm the only one. I've always been thankful of friends list pages being publicly viewable. Sometimes, you can make new friends that way. But other times like today... They provide a unique opportunity to stand up and dish back to those who started "it" their own...shall I say diarrhea.

I HAD come back to dw a few days ago... made a post on my comm... But tonight, in honor of my birfday, I wanted to post a pic I just finished. Will do that in another post. I just needed to rant a little... Gah!

Seriously tho... You think eugenics is too far?? I know sometimes good things come from terrible experiences, but by and large, stupid procreates stupid, doesn't it??

Ok. Honestly, I'm no George Bernard Shaw, but sometimes... sometimes, I can understand the man's thinking.


I'm so Proud of Me!

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 12:43 pm
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Door Hangers )

:D I finally finished these guys! They are for Cooks Children's Hospital -part of this charity project we did at work. They came out cute! Yay!!!
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I HATE this new fad -Color Block as they call it. I've TRIED to be open, but OHMYGOSH IT'SSOUGLY!

My kids and grandkids are gonna make fun of me for it when I get old! They'll be all like, "Why on earth did you find that attractive???" And I'll be like I DIDN'T!!! I never wore it!! And they'll be like, "Whatever, mom/grandma."

Why must hollywood and the fashion world make us look RIDICULOUS every few years?? Do we HAVE to go with styles that will blatantly date the time? The 90's were UGLY! We don't need to revisit them. I lived through them once already -just make it stop!!

...And secondarily, an open letter to Texas. )

Ok. I'm Mortified.

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 01:01 am
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In light of I feel the need to state the following:

Definition, Muffinbutton: 1). A meaningless nickname my younger brother bestowed upon me years ago for no reason.
2). The visible belly button displayed on a chick's muffin top.

<.< ... That is all.
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 Oh memes... It has been so long. Tagged by fantastic_jackie
You give 11 random facts about you, answer the questions I've asked, and then tag 11 people to answer the 11 questions you give. 
So... I guess considering I don't HAVE 11 friends (yet), I'll just...write some questions... And if someone out there wants to answer them, go for it! :D

My Random Facts )
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After....I'm not sure how many hours, but many MANY hours, my journal is somewhat decent. Somewhat.

I decided for now to go with a love theme, since Valentine's Day is around the corner. I WAS going to go with a Spring theme because I am SO excited about Winter ending, but... Despite the warm Texas weather, it is still January. Even for me, the celebration seems...too soon. I did kind of cheat, though -what with my grass entry background. Yeah! Take THAT, Winter! (A side note: I LOVE how the grass here never died this year! XD)

Now, completely aside from the design of my journal, I have not entirely decided what I'm going to use this thing for. I've thought about just doing the standard, normal entries about life, and I don't mind doing those I guess. I just get lazy. -I also thought about sharing my artwork on here, but... Again, I'm lazy. And pretty self-conscious when it comes to my drawings. Whatever the I decide, though, I found I was thinking about making my journal a friends only thing, buuuuuut.... Then I realized I don't have any friends here. (Yet) Seemed counter productive, so for now, I'm all open posts. :D

My First Post

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 10:36 pm
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It has been sooooo long since I had one of these types of things. Here's hoping for a better experience than last time. :D


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